Monday, 16 May 2011

(Rock of Ages)

Written specially for this eccentric but funny salesman Geoffrey Rock

At Bonus Willerby Electrical Store,

in the section known as trade

Where deals are done at lightning rate 

with loads of money made

For many a year all sorts have come 

not sure of what they want

from the master mind purveyor 

of know-all parts list font

Such legendary patter, 

takes the novice mind off price

removing all suspicious thoughts

smoothly mumbling “Ever so Nice”

“Now let’s see what this lot costs

we wont be charging that!”

or “ No, no, no that’s far too low

we need a little fat.”

“There you are, my very best,

forty quid that’s nice”

Count your fingers check your bill

He’s charged you twice the price.

Week in week out he’s been there

with tongue-in-cheeky mock

the ‘absolute top of the wholesale shop

they’ll miss old Geoffrey Rock

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