Friday, 6 May 2011

Where On Earth?

I put it there I know I did
I’m sure I wasn’t dreaming
it really is frustrating
it makes me feel like screaming

I don’t believe it could have moved
to somewhere on its own
it’s just a piece of manmade stuff
unconsciously alone

Where has it gone where is it now
I’m starting to despair
I’ve looked in every place but one
it’s there I know but where?

Years ago I was searching the house for my mobile phone. Muttering and cussing to myself I looked in every room, on every shelf and every drawer. As I got to the kitchen my mother-in-lawJoan (MIL)  asked "what are you looking for Cliff?" "My  mobile phone MIL" I replied.  She stared at me with an expression of utter disbelief and said "You're carrying it in you left hand Cliff!".

After reading this to a group recently I was asked did I know 'Old John Meddlesome'

Old John Muddlecombe
Lost his cap,
He couldn't find it anywhere,
The poor chap.
He walked down the High Street,
And everybody said,
"Silly John Muddlecombe,
You've got it on your head!".

19th Century author unknown

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