Friday, 27 May 2011

Joyce Birch & The 1st of April Blues

Oh dear oh dear its time again 
to turn the annual page
Though some of us bemoan the tides
relentlessly we age
On days like this it should be bliss
a time to celebrate
Not hoping that no one will ask
 ‘How many passed to date?’
If ageing isn’t bad enough
the timing’s been a bind
Disparaging slights defamatory taunts
a birth-date so unkind
Of all the days throughout the year
 the trendy neat and cool
Dear Joyce the last of mothers nine
has to suffer 'April Fool'
She is no clot nor dunderhead
ninny goose or moron
No crackpot goof or nincompoop
no one to walk the floor on
Numskull dunce duffer dolt
Joyce Birch defies the rule
Her time salutes the summer’s day
she is no ‘April Mule’

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