Saturday, 24 September 2011

The Faucet Saga

A Watery Tale of  Wee Bobby Morris
So many things we take as read
like pollen in the breeze
complacently we glide along
accepting life with ease

We believe that time is gentle
like a virtuoso's strumming
until the day that comes along
brings trouble to our plumbing

It’s not that we don’t understand
that all components wear
but rarely do we try our best
in the vein of our health care

Turning on the body tap
should not need two handed grips
though It’s time to call the plumbers out
when your flush pipe merely drips

It could be that your lingerie
has grabbed your groin too tight
or you may have strained a bit too much
when you gave it all that night

Yet don’t despair they’ll sort it out
through plasma and corpuscle
by straightening your crooked stem
and easing off your muscle

1 comment:

  1. You'll be pleased to know that he's much better now and goes with the flow. He actually liked the poem as well.