Monday, 26 September 2011

The Hopeful Heart

An ancient old fellow from Mesopotamia
Was looking for someone to love
to his shock and surprise a lass gave him her eyes
though suffering alphamegamia

He was eighty years old she was twenty and bold
a hot blooded passionate beauty
going weak at the knees at her desperate pleas
so lusciously tasty and fruity

Unable to speak and only to stare
his pulse and heart rate inspired
a radiant glow from his nether below
then with joy in his heart he expired

Alphamegamia Word Link


  1. It,s a good thing he was from Mesopotamia or it would'nt have rhymed.

  2. It was because he was from Mesopotamia that he was so ancient. If she hadn't had the alphamegamia syndrome I wouldn't have had anything to write about.
    Cheers Nobby