Friday, 30 September 2011

The Question

Considering all sorts of things
misshapen in the mould
manipulating lead and stuff
to manufacture gold

It’s discovery that really counts
in structure and pursuit
disregarding wistfulness
suggestible and moot

Yet equally uncoverable
all things must have a place
subject to stringent questions
even if one loses face

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Nothing Matters

On the subject of nothing
I am writing today
for the subject implies
there is nothing to say

On thinking of nothing
there is much going on
like the testing of meaning
and things thereupon

If nothing means nothing
then I hope you've agreed
that the subject of nothing
is something indeed

Monday, 26 September 2011

The Hopeful Heart

An ancient old fellow from Mesopotamia
Was looking for someone to love
to his shock and surprise a lass gave him her eyes
though suffering alphamegamia

He was eighty years old she was twenty and bold
a hot blooded passionate beauty
going weak at the knees at her desperate pleas
so lusciously tasty and fruity

Unable to speak and only to stare
his pulse and heart rate inspired
a radiant glow from his nether below
then with joy in his heart he expired

Alphamegamia Word Link

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Many Happy Returns

Where has all the money gone
who’s made off with our dosh
those trillions around the world
evaporation doesn’t wash?

Someone’s made a killing
many others have as well
I don’t believe it can’t be traced
rotten cash will leave a smell

So come on all you governments
who do you think you’re kidding
its time you clawed our money back
stand for our legal bidding

The crime remains with banking
so arrogant and clear
a bunch of corporate racketeers
in their havens far from here

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Could Do Better

They didn’t like his writing no
Shouting hackneyed inadmissible
Lacking punctuation grammar
And that missing past participle

Though he carried on persistently
Being bludgeoned by the critics
For tired use of the vernacular
As more like emblematic lyrics

Having read the works of genius
Lead by the nose by prose
He threw away his work so far
As nothing more than comatose

The Faucet Saga

A Watery Tale of  Wee Bobby Morris
So many things we take as read
like pollen in the breeze
complacently we glide along
accepting life with ease

We believe that time is gentle
like a virtuoso's strumming
until the day that comes along
brings trouble to our plumbing

It’s not that we don’t understand
that all components wear
but rarely do we try our best
in the vein of our health care

Turning on the body tap
should not need two handed grips
though It’s time to call the plumbers out
when your flush pipe merely drips

It could be that your lingerie
has grabbed your groin too tight
or you may have strained a bit too much
when you gave it all that night

Yet don’t despair they’ll sort it out
through plasma and corpuscle
by straightening your crooked stem
and easing off your muscle

Yes Chef!

Saffron spice with grenadine
tonight we dine on fine cuisine
a magic spell of nectarine
in gourmet joy replete serene

Of taste essential epicure
the finest flavours soup de jour
in tenderness oh paramour
bon vivant amour, amour

Ambrosia oh sweet divine
a crystal cup of angel wine
orange raindrops jewel entwine
scattered stardust sprinkled fine

Upon a leaf of golden thin
Midas morsels sewn within
encapsulate in tasteful sin
the passion glow of purpurin

Friday, 23 September 2011

The Day Of The Debris

My mate Sid walking home one night
got hit by a very large lump
not very heavy about the size of a fridge
though it gave him a sizeable bump

He thought perhaps a meteorite
had rained down on his napper
for ash and coke dust covered him
which ruined his garb so dapper

His language most extreme perverse
a quite unfriendly frightening sight
but I’ll give odds three thousand to one
it was a chunk of that old satelite

The Turn Up

Down at the OPERA at ultimate speed
even faster than light
Neutrinos win the incredible dash
in theory the very top flight

Chang Kee Jung has just bet his house
whilst Subir Sarkar is less rash
anything’s possible over at CERN
causality disappears with a splash

The Perfect Potato

Of all things earthly precious
we give gratitude to mud
a mine of golden vegetables
especially the spud

Ten thousand years developing
seeming old yet somewhat new
forgetting that we owe it all
to the Inca’s of Peru

A most nutritious parcel
giving value to cuisines
chip or crisp to roast or mash
fetching finest soup terrines

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Wonderment

This year the summer came and went
an out of kilter season
maybe the weather’s really changed
or perhaps another reason

I can’t help feeling somewhat mift
being told that I’m to blame
for using things excessively
and so hang my head in shame

I feel I must defend myself
Charged with being credulous
so many things I haven’t done
has left me feeling nebulous

Sunday, 18 September 2011


Among all herbs most worthy
coriander reigns supreme
from top to toe the seed you sow
brings fruit of high esteem

A gift in many packages
from root to leaf and seed
aroma’s flavours fine preserves
will cater to your need

The wise of ancient empires
sustained with fine cuisine
warm liqueurs and noted beers
crowns the coriander queen

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Words in language have their use
though at times may be obtuse
leaving speakers to confess
too much waffle wont impress

For the sake of simple diction
When conveying a description
To share essential information
whilst avoiding obfuscation

One must speak with some alacrity
not forgetting rules of clarity
when the listener intervening
pleads your message has no meaning

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Dominatrix

Approach with care alert beware
the open doorway tangled
is not for those who lost their way
whilst seeking things new fangled

No time to suffer roundabouts
or direction fudging point’s
perfect nose or powdered snouts
found in token restful joints

They dwell in tranquil quarters
fixing anything that skips
on the brink of quiet waters
where the legislator whips

This velvet covered slender hand
belies such strength of purpose
a call to arms a brief command
equipped with government surplus

Sunday, 11 September 2011

The Wallet

Oh balderdash the wallet’s gone
my cards and various proceeds
my leather bound survival wrap
the source of all my exceeds

Authorities have been informed
dodging criminal exploitations
right now I’m left with minor pence
trouncing travel expectations

It’s all my fault and mine alone
I sit confused and wondering
what kind of absent mindedness
allowed me such a blundering

Advice will come I’m sure it will
to the point where I’m revolted
on ways to lock a stable door
once the trusty steed has bolted

Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Bling Thing

Oh look at that wonderful shiny thing
how it sparkles and glistens with light
radiates warmth of fabulous wealth
gives credence to all that I might

Check out the punter with obvious cash
extravagant kitschy and golden
dimming the dazzle of bright city lights
a confident shield to embolden

I’m out over there at a price I can share
displaying my proud set of Bling
asserting a spell that everything gold
is the sound of eternity’s ring