Thursday, 21 June 2012

Postcard Prose

The Nobby Clarksons are holidaying 
in Cornwall we've allowed ourselves 
a rhymetext type of travelditty thing.

Ropey wrote from home:

The rain is falling heavily
your flowers are OK
your fish are into handfuls
showing no sign of dismay

As for me I’m languishing
unlike the pair of you
I’m stuck indoors til Sunday
with fuck all else to do

The Nobbies replied:
Tis sad you are a languishing,
with nothing much to do.
Cos im an me are out today,
and on the road to Looe.

Might then see some galleries,
St Ives has got a few.
Sculptures, paintings, pots and crafts.
A million things to view.

We're buying crabs, the spider kind,

and eating as we go,
partaking of the cream teas,
and pints of amber flow

Ropey wrote from home:

How good it is to hear from you
the many things you’ve done
mixing with the Dumnonii
eating  Kernow’s creamy bun 

Taking in the way of life
as the pair of you can do
chomping champion sarndies
filled with crabbiness from Looe 

So nice it is to know how you
got respite from the rain
cos sitting here in Anlaby
it’s still a fucking pain

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