Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Wensleydale Wending

Ropey’s been a rambling

Around the Yorkshire Dales
Weaving ways from Ellingstring

whilst sampling famous ales

for two nights stayed in Masham

Recommend you stay there too

The ’Millgate’ homely B&B 

Warm and friendly Sue and Drew

Whether ambling maybe rambling

You will find the Masham base

Is perfect when returning

To that Millgate resting place


  1. I loved your little ditty pal
    It really made us grin
    A po-em written just for us
    We'll take it on the chin

    The sentiment was lovely
    and the rhyming couplets shrewd
    I'd half expected mucky verse or something slightly rude.

    You've charmed us both, in person,
    now you captured us in verse,
    We're missing you already Cliff -
    that's it.
    I Know -
    it's terse.

    Sue & Andrew Burrell
    Millgate B&B Masham.
    With love and apologies for the poem but you are called "Ropey" Rhymes.

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