Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Great StridesTrousered

Knickerbockers glorious
bags breeks hilarious
trews cords nefarious
plus fours gregarious
pantaloons vicarious
hot pants precarious
galligaskins multi-various

Galligaskins - 24th April 2013

Wet Letter Day

I placed a note inside a bottle
I cast it off into the river
Hoping downstream currents
Might more speedily deliver

 So many perils on the way
May barricade my plea
Causing mistimed ambiguity
With my allusions all at sea

One day when my bottle reaches
A far off quiet lonely shore
Rescued by more steady hands
Who get my message heretofore

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Field Sales

Buyers sellers floats on wheels
Examining each other’s deals
Books and pieces objet d'art
A temporary field bazaar

Scanning choosing past perusing
Discarded gifts once so amusing
Prices low though still contested
Reduced to clear all stock divested

All around the cash parading
Hustling bustling urgent trading
Last reductions sellers cry
To satisfy supply and buy

Over here, we call them Car Boot sales in the US they may call them Trunk Sales or perhaps even Garage Sales. Generally they are a sprawling mass of unloved junk looking for a cheapskate who buys purely on price.

Monday, 22 April 2013

They Called Her She

She heard a voice a calling
‘though she never looked around
yet the voice it kept a calling
so hollow was the sound

She heard someone a shouting
she turned around to see
what was it they were saying
she looked out curiously

She felt her heart a beating
then bent her head in shame
from all those voices calling
not a one called out her name

Saturday, 20 April 2013

As Rhyme Goes By

A word or phrase in partnership
May suggest a certain meaning

Information busy gathering
Allows a reader's intervening

A thought as written down today

May go unnoticed or ignored

Until one day in a far off place

Friendly readers find accord
How many songs will pine away
Like a misplaced tinder strip

That never lit a raging flame

Or graced a celebrated lip

The passages of travelled words
Find a mountain in the sky

You put the notepad to one side

Let this one more rhyme go by

Friday, 19 April 2013

Crater of the Universe

The comet was predicted
its destination quite well known
an area of open land
where the night sky set the tone

Many folk had gathered there
you could feel the atmosphere
as the comet fast approaching
hit the outer stratosphere

A thunder crash a blinding flash
raining down a fiery grit
no spectator saw it coming
or the going when it hit

Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Mother's Goose

We owe so much to Mother's Goose
our loyal feathered friend
she reigned supreme in our back yard
which she would tend protect defend

With diligence she ate the bugs
was ruthless with the weeds
yet gently she would move among
our flowers grown from seeds

She kept her eye on wayward kids
should we decide that we might roam
chastised us with a get back honk
making sure we stayed near home

Her eggs she gave where hearty meals
just one would fill up three
finest scrambled egg for breakfast
a light and fluffy cake for tea

On winter nights she keeps us warm
as though she cuddles us in bed
her memory fills the quilted spread
now that our old grey goose is dead

This is one my favourite poems as written by me. In the 1950's/60's I grew up in central London without much of a garden or any possibility of enjoying the company of geese. However, if I had been so fortunate then the above is an accurate outline of the benefits one might enjoy when keeping such a fine bird.