Monday, 27 June 2016

Well! Hello There!

I met myself the other day
To begin with quite surprised
It can’t be me it’s someone else
I misguidedly surmised

If confronted by ones otherness
More than just by catching sight
A face-to-face contrary place
Maybe transcendent in the light

No point in asking questions
A senseless verdict may acquit
Any answers would be I suspect
A test of truth to not submit

Is it my consciousness transmitting
A lucid signal super wave
As though myself was telling me
I have many things to save 

It was a first time meeting
Though anecdotal I suggest
Lacking facts to back me up
My testimony me at best

This rhyme was written after listening to: The Man Who Left His Body
Listen in pop-out player
Dr Broks Casebook: Neuropsychologist Paul Broks continues his detective hunt for the self.

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