Monday, 1 October 2012

The Bankster

There's a pulsing heart tonight
in the garish city bright 
where no one stands to watch too long
as the Bankster strikes a light

Crowds confused are gathering
peering hard to find 
yearning for the daylight hour
and a little peace of mind.

All the sellers and persuaders
stand shrieking in the park
the hungry dogs are shivering
in the creeping city dark.

Weak and cowed they cry aloud
a billion hearts laid bare
pleading from the wilderness
a comfort hope to share.

But the taste of cash intoxicates
with the highest prices paid
as the Bankster seeks protection
from a promise never made.

The Bankster’s roll their crooked dice
a misleading pleasing score
the winners share most favourable
the baying dogs left whipped and sore

There’s a beating heart tonight
in the silent city bright
and no one watches anymore
lonely dogs can’t find the light

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