Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Peaceful Sceptic

Some people point the finger
that I'm a Godless malcontent
a person without principle
to keep away from circumvent

Primarily a humanist
who really cares about our earth
with a sense of obligation 

accountability and worth

I’ll stand up and be counted
in defence of right and good
I’ll sing out for the underdog

beyond faith or nationhood

I do these things because I should
not to self-serve or gain grace
nor to curry favour win awards
or seek a fawning pride of place

Be happy do something nice for somebody
Quite often on Twitter somone will post a vile message using spite and foul phrases. I find that strange as they do this without personal knowledge of the receiver. Moreover they plead defence of their righteous loving God and religion. They seem to suppose that they are doing right by their belief. I say being is nice is better than being pompously self-important.

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