Saturday, 28 December 2013

A Doubtful Truth

On the one hand
life is clear to see
On the other all is doubt
Where 'state of mind' 
is like a water fall
a repetitious 
random fall out
a pointless clock
No place 
to check out time
In a mystic cloud
of rhetoric
Where unexpected
rules are prime
is a quackery 
A Doctor Feelgood
fake euphoria
A mental home 
for wishful thinkers
who feel uncertain with aporia

Wikipedia:-  Definitions of the term aporia have varied throughout history. The Oxford English Dictionary includes two forms of the word: the adjective, “aporetic” which it defines as “to be at a loss,” “impassable,” and “inclined to doubt, or to raise objections”; and the noun form “aporia,” which it defines as the “state of the aporetic” and “a perplexity or difficulty.” The dictionary entry also includes two early textual uses, which both refer to the term’s rhetorical (rather than philosophical) usage.

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