Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Gerontology Cytology

Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Day 8th February 2014

The march of time relentless 
Each day that passes we deny
Ticking clocks and second hands
Released as hours go flying by

Coloured memory counting moments
Fleeting passions ember grey
Now overlook the risks you took
On greener grass in early May

When your seasons many travelled
Become a  feathered bed laid low
Accept your dying isn't pointless
When all the living things let go


  1. How hauntingly beautiful! Conjured feelings of wistfulness with echoes of nostalgia...the kind that sends your stomach into little ripples of longing for what was. Yet through all of that...I remain lightened by your words!..Really enjoyed this piece...*exits stage left with a contented smile*...

  2. Agree ..there is a beauty to thee end of life...and letting go is part of it...and who knows where we journey on to?