Monday, 3 February 2014

To A Brown Eyed Handsome Man

Stars appear and shadows are a falling
You can hear my heart a-calling

BUDDY HOLLY (Charles Hardin Holley)

September 7th 1936 - 3rd February 1959 (Aged 22)
Crying, Waiting, Hoping - You'll come back 
He never did but he paved the way for the greatest bands and music ever.

Its Oh So Easy it's a True Love Way
Maybe baby we'll remember Every Day
Rave on and tell me Not Fade Away
Sing in a heartbeat to That'll Be the Day

It's Raining In my Heart so Listen to me
It doesn't matter any more in the cold ice free
Think it Over baby in a Valley of Tears
All those words of love Slipping Sliding to me

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