Saturday, 8 February 2014

The Next Step

Every step along the way
Each slope of up and down
Good days bad days take a turn
A smiling falsely circus clown
Cities full of plunderers
Practice daily hone their cunning
Selling programmes to a non event
Where top guns do the running
Traders hide their takings
A show of coffers in disguise
Play a part in contribution 
Putting pennies on your eyes
Blinkered by the weight of cash
Heavy medals proudly scream
Today we made it out of there
In search of ways to live the dream
“Despite the wonderful future potential of medicine, real human longevity will only be attained when we move away from our biological bodies entirely. As we move toward a software-based existence, we will gain the means of “backing ourselves up” (storing the key patterns underlying our knowledge, skills, and personality in a digital setting) thereby enabling a virtual immortality. Thanks to nanotechnology, we will have bodies that we can not just modify but change into new forms at will. We will be able to quickly change our bodies in full-immersion virtual-reality environments incorporating all of the senses during the 2020s and in real reality in the 2040s.”

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