Friday, 5 June 2015

Loads of Love

Contrition is a parole condition

My mate Brig’s a bigamist
Truly hopelessly afflicted
He can’t say no he can’t let go
He’s hitch bewitched addicted

The sound of bells and choirs
Has him hopping up the aisle
Well turned out in a wedding suit
Looking fresh and versatile

He likes things complicated
You’ll never hear him bragging
As for me I couldn’t contemplate
Two wives and all that nagging

Of late he’s looking shifty
Carrying burdens by the score
Kids’ demanding wives commanding
Double trouble with mothers-in-law

It seems his conscience said "hold up!"
On his shoulders all that weight
So he placed himself in custody
To pay his dues and wipe the slate

I luv you darlin let's get hitched
White and lacey we'll be well stitched
Massive party cheers all round
So dance with me the mess around

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