Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Two)

Sip up and cup your ears
Next morning strode in late that day
Lacking sunlight missing cues
Asserted gazes muttered loudly
Floating tealeaves in their brews

The Teapot Spout was steaming
At such a chorus rabble there
Cheesy grins and whiskered chins
Disappearing everywhere

Cards were dealing underhand
Spreading rumours to the tweedy
That royal tea was privileged
Quite unsuited to the needy

Less draining in the hampered net
Reluctant cosy bubbles sank
Tensions taut in twisted talk
Seemed rashly rude in spite of rank

Raging Hares were marching by
Accusing caddies of concealment
Harboured grudges pitching cartons
Revering royal teas bemusement

Blending backwards in a teapot stew
Defiant Caddy’s plea contends
How rinsing tints with regal mints
Repelled imperial condescends

Civility at breaking point
Suggested ruinous conditions
Cornered schemes on table themes
In states of less than fair divisions

Off beat I fear the Teapot spilled
Too much unused trickling time
Lacking laurels in these quarrels
Pouring scorn on riddled rhymes

Pointedly with silver spoon
At trays of teas to suit ones haste
The hearty queen shrieked outrage
Too much zest and tang to taste

............ Part three continues - link below

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