Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Relative Connections

One day the gist will nudge you
In a welling form of growth
If it’s all the same to me and you
It can be shared between us both

A mystery steeped in history
The gift within conveys
A point in time a juncture
To reflect on memory days

The love of friends is life itself
To be among to be within
Taking turns in spending time
To start again or just begin

Her map of many roads to take
Far too complex on her own
To arrive yet spend so little time
All dreams of faceless places flown

Travelling light she closed her eyes
The countdown had begun
The sense of movement hardly felt
All her thoughts were on the run

This is a compilation of previous thoughts that otherwise went in different directions, then to my surprise I realised that many of what I thought were other rhymes turned out to be one poem.

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