Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Three)

Trips quips and final sips

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Three)

Teapot held upon the grander stand
Pleading streams and loyalties
Sensing strains on waits and pleasures
Discharging dregs of royal teas

Cozy speaks in falsehood cliques
Crammed affright in candle sight
Burdens braced on resting cards
Confirmed opinions looked outright

As Teapot poured the meeting thawed
“There is a case in point today
Flower tainting petal painting
Around the croquet green at play”

Let us not now lose our sight of sense
Leaving sound to fend alone
For morals are the oddest games
Which may leave one clich├ęd prone

One had quite enough of shuteye
And all those spurning turning backs
Revolving turtles in the shipping lanes
Erratic Gryphons bearing snacks

Moving up to fresher cups
Teapot spouting most commanding
Chasing spaces nicer places
Dispensing tea to those demanding

Larder noise then interrupted
Caddy’s lid had rather flipped
Exposing lesser strains of cruder tea
In any case severely stripped

When perpetrators take your leaves
Removing all your proper tea
Then pretend to have the choicest blend
To suit the hats of bourgeoisie

Nothing whatever makes one think

how constant orders have their place
To sleep a dream and float downstream
And find delight in daydream space

When sensing loss and going over
One need not dwell on absent tea
Painstakingly the pain of gain
Is doubtless ambiguity

The moral of this tale is?
Life is all about how one takes tea

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