Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Relative Connections

One day the gist will nudge you
In a welling form of growth
If it’s all the same to me and you
It can be shared between us both

A mystery steeped in history
The gift within conveys
A point in time a juncture
To reflect on memory days

The love of friends is life itself
To be among to be within
Taking turns in spending time
To start again or just begin

Her map of many roads to take
Far too complex on her own
To arrive yet spend so little time
All dreams of faceless places flown

Travelling light she closed her eyes
The countdown had begun
The sense of movement hardly felt
All her thoughts were on the run

This is a compilation of previous thoughts that otherwise went in different directions, then to my surprise I realised that many of what I thought were other rhymes turned out to be one poem.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Meerkat Madness

 I won a pet at Butlins
It was a fluffy cuddly toy
I snuggled it and squeezed it
It brought me so much joy

The clothes it wore were brightly wild
Its eyes they shone with glee
It looked at me and seemed to say
Nice to see you twiddly dee

Written by Jazzy GeeDee - Eight years old

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Three)

Trips quips and final sips

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Three)

Teapot held upon the grander stand
Pleading streams and loyalties
Sensing strains on waits and pleasures
Discharging dregs of royal teas

Cozy speaks in falsehood cliques
Crammed affright in candle sight
Burdens braced on resting cards
Confirmed opinions looked outright

As Teapot poured the meeting thawed
“There is a case in point today
Flower tainting petal painting
Around the croquet green at play”

Let us not now lose our sight of sense
Leaving sound to fend alone
For morals are the oddest games
Which may leave one clich├ęd prone

One had quite enough of shuteye
And all those spurning turning backs
Revolving turtles in the shipping lanes
Erratic Gryphons bearing snacks

Moving up to fresher cups
Teapot spouting most commanding
Chasing spaces nicer places
Dispensing tea to those demanding

Larder noise then interrupted
Caddy’s lid had rather flipped
Exposing lesser strains of cruder tea
In any case severely stripped

When perpetrators take your leaves
Removing all your proper tea
Then pretend to have the choicest blend
To suit the hats of bourgeoisie

Nothing whatever makes one think

how constant orders have their place
To sleep a dream and float downstream
And find delight in daydream space

When sensing loss and going over
One need not dwell on absent tea
Painstakingly the pain of gain
Is doubtless ambiguity

The moral of this tale is?
Life is all about how one takes tea

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Opus 2

Picture by Phil Lister

Passing through from night to day
The line is crossed at dawn
Compass points of rearrangement
Cups of movement dipped and drawn

Tides have turned where turning back
Submerged then drowned the undecided
Swirling in a twisting wrench
Misunderstanding dreams confided

Trumpets sound with beating drums
Overpower uncertain voices
A rush of motion force momentum
Smother old ideas and choices

Friday, 5 June 2015

Loads of Love

Contrition is a parole condition

My mate Brig’s a bigamist
Truly hopelessly afflicted
He can’t say no he can’t let go
He’s hitch bewitched addicted

The sound of bells and choirs
Has him hopping up the aisle
Well turned out in a wedding suit
Looking fresh and versatile

He likes things complicated
You’ll never hear him bragging
As for me I couldn’t contemplate
Two wives and all that nagging

Of late he’s looking shifty
Carrying burdens by the score
Kids’ demanding wives commanding
Double trouble with mothers-in-law

It seems his conscience said "hold up!"
On his shoulders all that weight
So he placed himself in custody
To pay his dues and wipe the slate

I luv you darlin let's get hitched
White and lacey we'll be well stitched
Massive party cheers all round
So dance with me the mess around

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Tales From The Teapot Spout (Part Two)

Sip up and cup your ears
Next morning strode in late that day
Lacking sunlight missing cues
Asserted gazes muttered loudly
Floating tealeaves in their brews

The Teapot Spout was steaming
At such a chorus rabble there
Cheesy grins and whiskered chins
Disappearing everywhere

Cards were dealing underhand
Spreading rumours to the tweedy
That royal tea was privileged
Quite unsuited to the needy

Less draining in the hampered net
Reluctant cosy bubbles sank
Tensions taut in twisted talk
Seemed rashly rude in spite of rank

Raging Hares were marching by
Accusing caddies of concealment
Harboured grudges pitching cartons
Revering royal teas bemusement

Blending backwards in a teapot stew
Defiant Caddy’s plea contends
How rinsing tints with regal mints
Repelled imperial condescends

Civility at breaking point
Suggested ruinous conditions
Cornered schemes on table themes
In states of less than fair divisions

Off beat I fear the Teapot spilled
Too much unused trickling time
Lacking laurels in these quarrels
Pouring scorn on riddled rhymes

Pointedly with silver spoon
At trays of teas to suit ones haste
The hearty queen shrieked outrage
Too much zest and tang to taste

............ Part three continues - link below