Friday, 11 October 2013

A Chilling Tale

Cryonics - STORY LINK
I have the most amazing wife
adept at all preserves
Pickled onions pickled eggs
Jam and Marmalade conserves

The other night I mentioned
there are ways to live forever
Packaged cryobiologically
Payment terms on 'Never-Never'

She looked it up and checked it out
so thoughtfully so nice
Then bought a new chest freezer 
part filling it with ice

She placed some duck down bedding
I climbed within to try it
Once again she proved to me
When made at home no need to buy it

Passing me my tablet
to check the battery life
Then filled the freezer to the top
such a kind and caring wife

It must be me at my old age
though technologically quite bold
Too long I feel this product trial
I'm now quite numb and very cold

If anyone should read this mail
With experience in locks
I will appreciate you tell my wife
I feel that death is on the rocks

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