Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Amazing Pace

Dave Allot is an old sea dog, a trawler man no less.He is a tough old bird and that's for sure. He recently suffered a stroke whereby he became paralysed and lost all speech. This is a truly devastating situation and swift attention is vital. He was administered a  most remarkable medication and within a few days back home walking and talking in his usual manner.

Stroke Patients Who Reach Hospitals Within 'Golden Hour' 
Twice As Likely To Get Clot-Busting Drug

 As a leg-pull I penned a cheeky rhyme and Dave asked me to post it on this blog.

Trawler man Dave Is a cheerful bloke

We were most upset when he had a stroke

Dorothy his wife didn't hang around

At Mach-one speed he was ambulance bound

He lost his speech limbs paralyzed

within rapid time hospitalized

they looked him over worked out a plan

shoved him in a tunnel and gave him a scan

They diagnosed Dave as a serious clot

Administered medicine to the perilous spot

Even doctors were amazed at his rapid healing

Walking, talking, singing songs with feeling

Four long days later sent home to his clan

Even Doctors applauded our miracle man

Many thanks to the scientists, the medical team

Who returned our Dave with a full head of steam

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