Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Pandemic Casper Concept

Crispy Sea as many know
A most accomplished writer
Versatile in wake up calls
Stalks the Casper peddling miter

Like a lusty virulent virus
The Casper Concept spreads
Invading misty mindless folk
Causing chaos in their heads

Hats and cloaks and cassocks
Promoting spectres spirits ghosts
Who lurk in waiting for the infidel
To nail their disbelief on posts

They have this book of writings
No earthly reason there within
Gainsay magic circle gospels
A bag of nails now wearing thin

Time to knock it on the head
ecclesiastic books of woo
Allow the progress of humanity
In pursuit of all things true

Inspired by Crispy Sea Twitter @CrispySea A great book: '21 Days In May' by Crispy Sea

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