Monday, 14 October 2013

Discounted Savings

The autumn sales are beckoning
I've hidden all the cash
Just in case she has a mind
To be impetuous and rash

She mostly has the upper hand
her rationale is smooth as honey
'Look at what I bought today
I've saved you so much money'

We have a modest budget
though savings never seem to grow
Moreover quite the opposite
On the downward side of low

Quite skilled with crosswords puzzles
on points of money I'm perplexed
With all those shopping savings
Our empty coffers have me vexed

The answer finally came to me
In a blinding obvious flash
Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Slashing prices slice your cash

Goodness me! I hear ecstatically
I have to grab that it’s so nice
Only yesterday two thousand bucks
A blinding steal at half the price

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