Monday, 21 October 2013

Zing Went Zhang’s Ring

When attending ones ablutions
be observant be alert
Take extra care with valuables
absent mindedness avert

Be warned, I read an article
A Chinese guy called Zhang
In a shower flipped his wedding band
Where from his soapy finger sprang

Then down the squatty potty 
to his horror lost his ring
at lightning speed he plunged his mitt
Alas he could not feel a thing

He screamed out 'call the fire brigade'
It seems his search was out of luck
Much fumbling in the drains remains
his swelling metacarpus stuck

They came with drills and hammers
to excavate his bowl trapped claw
his pit stained mitt the stench of it
they gagged to free his septic paw

It seems his ring has gone for good
causing many sleepless nights
all that affluence now effluent 
He’s filed a claim for squatter’s rights

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