Sunday, 25 January 2015

Something In The Hair

I just got told about the rule
When wading in a pool
That everyone must wear a hat
Hygienically it’s cool

Forgive me if I give this thought
Why swimming hats I ought
Or why one’s hair may cause despair
If partaking swimming sport

What is it in a hairy head
Lurking in our locks we dread
How one might put like athlete’s foot
A spore of something worse instead

Consulting with those in the know
No light can doctor’s throw
To be afeared but not of beard
When you let your tresses flow

If rules make sense one mustn’t flout
Swimming poolside in or out
So please explain before I go insane
The risks from head hair all about

Grow your own hat

Swimming at a local gym I was politely advised that for pool-health reasons I must wear a swimming hat. This surprised me as I my thinning head of hair is trimmed to short length. I have made enquiries to discover why head hair needs special attention in swimming pool health matters to no avail. I think they they just love to sell swimming hats.

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