Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spicey Dicey Catastrophe

Chinese billionaire dies after eating poisoned cat stew
kicks off a year of poisoners.

‘Two O Twelve’ a venomous year
be careful what you eat
whether vegetables or pastries
or some unsuspecting meat

Long Liyuan the billionaire 
had chomped his final chew
a sprinkled dose of heartbreak grass
that got him in a stew

It seems there’d been embezzling
somebody nicked some cash
and as a method of repayment
put Gelsemium in the mash

Unlike that gal from Brisbane
who polluted her pal’s cookie
Long Liyuan the billionaire 
had a preference for pussy

It tastes like bunny rabbit
I’ve heard many people say
they served a dish of hot pot foul
a cats revenge that day

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