Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Running Gun

The hard lesson of violence
a topsy-turvy two way street
that begs a deeper question
a bench mark of defeat

Humankind will always know
the need for self defence
weapons aimed for level ground
or to bring considered sense

Aggressions are as old as time
win or lose; the brutal flaw
heat of passion drives the quest
against the forcefulness of law

There will always be held grudges
where getting even holds the key
or the sorrowful demented mind
to force defence from lunacy

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Quote From Sam Harris : Fantasists and zealots can be found on both sides of the debate over guns in America. On the one hand, many gun-rights advocates reject even the most sensible restrictions on the sale of weapons to the public. On the other, proponents of stricter gun laws often seem unable to understand why a good person would ever want ready access to a loaded firearm. Between these two extremes we must find grounds for a rational discussion about the problem of gun violence.

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