Saturday, 19 January 2013

Pseudologia Fantastica

Along the way you may have met
some folk who spin a line
they speak of most amazing feats
weird facts that intertwine

The tale is told emphatically 
no chance it may be true
with astonishing incredulity
verbal trickery they imbue

This artless verbal flatulence
one may never ascertain
pathologically fictitious
almost certainly insane


  1. Great poem! I'm the daughter of the artist/poet who created the graphic on your poem, and also a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Your poem gave me a good giggle, so I, for one, completely approve of your having used my dad's illustration with it. :)

    1. Praise indeed and thank you very much. As you already know your Dad is a neat poet. I am so pleased to have found his stuff. If you looked at my "about this blog" you'll no doubt see why I love rhyme from years ago. I am 63 and like your dad we may be a dying art. Or not I hope.